Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Here, We Can Sing

How many times have I posted the video below? Four? Five? Nine?

Whyever in the world (you ask) would I share the same thing over and over?

Because this captures, more than anything I have ever found, The Cloistered Heart as I have 'seen' it. I do not have words for how this video grabs me. When he stands in the midst of the crowd and begins to raise his hands, my heart is raised as well, and I come face to face with the absolute essence of what I have so long 'seen.'

'The Cloistered Heart is a city sort of vision. We must learn to sing the songs of God in a land removed from Him. To sing the Magnificat even as we live the Pieta. Ours are gentle melodies in a land that has forgotten the song...'

No matter where we are, no matter how dense the crowds or chaotic the traffic, in the cloisters of our hearts we can sing. In the cloisters of our hearts we can praise. In the cloisters of our hearts, we can remember the Savior's loving song.




  1. I love this video too, and had just watched it this morning! I was about to go into a difficult meeting with an even more difficult boss and I needed a little something to lift my spirits.


    1. Isn't it so beautifully uplifting, Susan? IN fact, I'm going to click on it again right now, as I, too, could use a lift :).

  2. I will come back and watch the video as it sounds wonderful. I often pray as I walk, and bless people I see.


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