Thursday, December 18, 2014

Burn This Straw and Change It

'My soul is poor and bare of virtues,
the straws of so many imperfections
will prick You and make You weep;
but O, my Lord, what can You expect?
This little is all I have.
I am touched by Your poverty...
Jesus, honor my soul with Your presence,
adorn it with Your graces.
Burn this straw
and change it into a soft couch
for Your most holy body.

'Jesus, I am here waiting for Your coming.
Wicked men have driven You out
and the wind is like ice.
Come into my heart.
I am poor, but I will warm You
as well as I can....

'I want to adore You,
to kiss You on the brow, O tiny Jesus,
to give myself to You once more, forever.
Come, my Jesus, delay no longer.
Come, be my Guest.'

St. Pope John XXIII

Painting:  Detail of Sheep in Manger, Charles Emile Jacque, digitally altered

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  1. Nancy, I have never read anything so beautiful before and when I saw who wrote it I was deeply moved. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks. I keep thinking of my straws of imperfections!

  2. :) that is all just a big, warm :) oh and thank-you for your innate good taste in art and wise quotes every week. week n and week out on ACWB- they add so much beauty and depth

    1. Thank you, Melanie. Sharing the love of God is my delight!

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL! I needed it. I think I have had the worst! Advent! Ever!

    1. Patty, I've needed it too. Saying a prayer that your Christmas will be holy and bright!

  4. Oh, that's so beautiful...yes!...burn this straw, Lord!


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