Thursday, August 7, 2014

While Walking With Men

'Within yourself you have 
made a room... a secluded place.  
You have built it by prayer…. 
You live in the marketplace
and carry the poustinia within you.  
That is your vocation… 
The Lord is calling us 
to stand still before him 
while walking with men.' 
(Catherine de Hueck Doherty,  
Poustinia, Ave Maria Press, 1975)

'May the God who 

is all love be your 
unchanging dwelling place, 
your cell, 
and your cloister 
in the midst of the world.  
(Elizabeth of the Trinity) 

Painting: Hans Baluschek, 
believed to be in US public domain due to age

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  1. The Lord is calling us
    to stand still before him
    while walking with men.

    Yes..that's so true! I love this quote from Catherine. I think all Cloistered Hearts are poustiniks who move through the world, carrying their poustinias within. That way we are never away from our cells...


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