Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Shower of Mercy

'Who can say that he is free from sin and does not need God’s mercy? As people of this restless time of ours, wavering between the emptiness of self-exaltation and the humiliation of despair, we have a greater need than ever for a regenerating experience of mercy.' (Pope John Paul II, Regina Caeli message; April 10, 1994)

'Prayer is the raising of the mind to God.  We must remember this.  The actual words matter less.'  (Pope John XXIII)

'I considered this message (of Divine Mercy) my special task. Providence has assigned it to me in the present situation of man, the Church, and the world.' (Pope John Paul II; November 22, 1981) 

              May Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II pray for us! 

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