Monday, March 17, 2014

Maintaining the Fire

'During the day
make frequent offerings of yourself to God...
by saying:  here I am Lord,
do with me what You please.
Tell me what You wish me to do for You,
and I will do it all.

Repeat, as often as you can, acts of love for God.

St. Teresa used to say that acts of love
are like wood maintaining the fire
of divine love kindled in our hearts..

If you fall into some sin,
humble yourself at once
and rise again with a more fervent act of love.

When something you do not want
happens to you, offer it to God immediately
by an act of conformity with His holy will...

Acquire the habit of always
repeating in adverse circumstances the words:
such is God's will and such also is mine.'

St.  Alphonsus de Liguori


Painting of St. Catherine: Giovanni Dall'Orto
Painting of laundress: Désiré François Laugée