Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hush Approches

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I have been (as you know) thinking about walls.  My mind was originally on personal walls: both the kind that block our path to God, and the kind that keep us from roaming outside His will.

Now I am aware of an entirely different kind of wall.  As the Conclave of Cardinals is about to begin, I'm thinking of the walls these men will be going behind.  They will be cut off from the rest of us; no information in, no information out.

The Cardinals will be, in the strictest sense, cloistered.

Their ears will be closed to the world's input, so they can hear as clearly as possible the Voice of God in their hearts.  Once the doors have been shut on the chapel, every Cardinal inside will have the responsibility of listening intently for the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

During the Conclave eight years ago, I felt as if a hush had fallen over the Church.  Once again, as I write this, I feel that hush approaching.

'Quiet, world,'  I want to whisper.   'Shhh; our Cardinals are listening.'   And we, in the midst of our lives and duties, have the high privilege of praying that they hear clearly.  May they listen as one, as with one sanctified 'ear,' with obedient spirits, with purity of heart.

Speak, Lord, Your servants are listening.

And Your Church shall await the sound of Your Voice.