Monday, August 27, 2012


As we prepare to begin "our monastic day," I know I must start by dropping.  And to admit to you that this is what I'm doing. 

And so I hereby:

DROP my "internal editor," that little rambling train of thought that follows what I write,
      "asking me" if I could say this a little better or change that a bit.  With that, I also
DROP plans of my own, to give God room to do what He wants.  And I
DROP thoughts of normal blog schedules, thinking I can only post once a day, or that I
      must post at any given time.  May God set the schedule!  I have a feeling that some
      days might have more than one post.  I am not going to be concerned about that.  And
      some days may have none.  Now I am ready to begin this day in earnest.  Oh - and
      already there are rich comments over in our Parlor, so please
DROP in and join the conversation there when you can!  May God lead all we do. Now I'm
      ready to "begin our day," so
DROP back by here in a little while, okay?