Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Visit - With a Capital V

Today we find ourselves (here on this blog, at least) back at the scene of the Annunciation.  That might seem strange immediately after Pentecost, but in two days we'll be celebrating the feast of our Blessed Mother's visit to Elizabeth.  As we know, there would have been no visitation without the Annunciation.  And the scene of the visitation, I believe, has much to teach those who would go through the world with Christ "cloistered" in our hearts. 

When I read the first chapter of Luke, several things strike me:

Mary visited because she had BEEN Visited.  She made her visitation because first she'd HAD a Visitation.  Mary had been Visited by God in a way totally unique in human history, and then she went in haste to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth, who had also been Visited by God.  

Mary had a choice to make in response to this Visitation of God upon her.  Yes, she had been conceived without sin, but still she had free will.  She was not totally choiceless in the matter.  Eve had been created without sin also - she could have said no to the promptings of evil and yes to the will of God.  Mary, conceived without sin, still could have said no.  Instead, she uttered the Yes which opened wide the door through which our Savior entered the world.

Mary's action immediately after being overshadowed with the power of the Most High was to set out in haste to visit Elizabeth, who had also been Visited by God.  Mary carried the Presence of Christ Himself to Elizabeth, to John in Elizabeth's womb, to Zechariah.  Our Blessed Mother did not make her visitation taking only herself.  She carried within her the Presence of God.

There was a reaction to the Presence of Christ carried within Mary.  The babe in Elizabeth leapt for joy. 

As she visited Elizabeth and the two marveled at the Visitations of God upon them, Mary burst forth in praise.  

Over the next few days, we will look more deeply into the scene of the visitation.  As we do, I pray that Our Lord will powerfully Visit each of our hearts.

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